K9 TRACKS structure walks to focus on loose leash work and off leash socialisation and training, such as recall, sit, down, leave and stay. Pick up and drop off services are included. The aim is to help pet owners raise and/or manage a healthy, fit, well-behaved dog that fits into the expectation of the community and learn important social skills whilst also meeting the dog's needs.  

Your dog will have the freedom of running with the pack, playing and exploring off leash and off the beaten track . Exploring fresh water rock streams when we venture into the forest, and flicking up sand when we run along the beach.  Locations will change frequently so your dog will always be entertained.

These walks are suited for owners who are busy and do not have the time to walk their dog, owners who need help in training their dogs to walk on/off lead, owners of dogs who need to lose weight or gain more fitness and owners with dogs who are working breeds with high energy. This is suited to any and every dog who is able but if you're unsure if this is right for your dog,  please contact us for a consult.

DURATION - We will take your dog out for approximately  3 hours (half day).


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